We're only as good as the work we produce and the results we achieve for our clients. So here's a taster of what we've done.


GinSen are one of the leading providers of Traditional Chinese Medicine in London ( TCM ) and Acupuncture in London  specialising in infertility, general wellness and herbal medicine at their 2 dedicated West London clinics in Chelsea and Kensington

The Brief

Ginsen approached us to help them with their communication. They felt that there was a general misconception amongst a lot of people that alternative medicine and Chinese Medicine in their case was hokas pokes and that it did offer much to patients as it was not set in any scientific doctrine.

The Challenge

It became clear after spending time with Dr Lily and the Ginsen staff and seeing the amazing work that they had done for their patients that their treatments where working.

We understood that one of the ways we could communicate this message to the world was through heartfelt testimonials. We also wanted to shed some light on the treatments used to help their patients and why they used them.

The Result

We produced a sponsored documentary for Infertility with case studies of multiple women who were struggling to get pregnant for many years and how their life changed after working with Ginsen.

We also produced a number of testimonial videos for infertility and other conditions which Ginsen essentially cured their patients.

These videos have been used as part of their marketing campaign and each have thousands of views on youtube.