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In times gone by we used to know the family grocer on a personal level. We trusted her because we built a relationship with her over the counter through time. In a similar way, we believe that customers deserve to get to know you better by engaging with you in conversation about what you offer.

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In today’s fast-paced, ad-saturated marketplace consumers are desensitised where current methods of grabbing their attention and promoting products are increasingly ineffective.

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UTP is a creative digital agency helping businesses find and share their unique voice online.

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Our Services

Video Production

A creative promotional or ‘explainer’ video can capture and display the heart of your company in a short period of time. UTP will guide you through the process of video production to ensure your promotional video is a true reflection of your company and its story.

Web Design

A customer’s first impression is key. The home page of your website is a window to your business. To present what you have on offer effectively from the outset you need to make the most of your ‘shop-front’ and what’s inside. We tailor our web-building expertise to:


At Unique Telling Point we take a comprehensive approach to Branding. We collaborate with our client to create a strong, fresh concept and an image that works uniquely with it. If you are introducing new products or services, or if you are improving market perceptions, perhaps developing more qualified leads or moving into new markets altogether, you will need a cohesive branding strategy.


At UTP we provide you with a quality photography service. From e-commerce sites or pack-shots, to bespoke creative images we provide you with the eye-catching images you need to grab the attention of your audiences and communicate clearly about aspects of your business. We can shoot at your location or in our studios in London.

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